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Join us Monday-Thursday next week, 5.30-6.00pm in praying for a spirit of unity among Christians in Cayman, and for the advance of the gospel in our country. Pray that the message of Christ’s salvation will be made clear from our mouths, backed up by our lives, and that people will se

Keswick 2016 Recordings0

We still have a number of CD’s and flash drives containing last year’s messages by Chris Sinkinson that have been paid for but not claimed. Please contact us if this is you!

Cayman Keswick 2017 is Coming Soon!0

Sunday 15th to Friday 20th January  Evenings: Agape Family Worship Centre (Fairbanks Road) from 7:00-8:30pm Lunchtimes: Family Life Centre (behind Church of God Walkers Road) from 12:10-12:50pm (lunch available for $5) Speakers: Charles & Hilary Price (Recently Retired Senior Past

Cayman Keswick 2016 is Coming Soon!0

Sunday 17th to Friday 22nd January  Evenings: Church of God (Walkers Road) from 7.00-8.30pm Lunchtimes: Family Life Centre (behind Church of God Walkers Road) from 12.10-12.50pm Speaker: Chris Sinkinson (Lecturer in Old Testament and Apologetics, Moorlands Bible College, England) Publ

Save the Date for Cayman Keswick 2016!0

Cayman Keswick 2016 is coming! Save the dates for January 17 – 22, 2016!

Cayman Keswick 2015 Coming Soon!0

Cayman Keswick 2015 is coming up on 15th-20th February! This year’s guest speaker is Ian Coffey from Moorlands Bible College, England. Join us daily at Cayman Islands Baptist Church in Savannah from Sunday 15th February to Friday 20th February at 7:00 pm for “Postcards fro