Join us Monday-Thursday next week, 5.30-6.00pm in praying for a spirit of unity among Christians in Cayman, and for the advance of the gospel in our country.

Pray that the message of Christ’s salvation will be made clear from our mouths, backed up by our lives, and that people will see that whatever doctrinal/denominational differences we may have, that we are still “one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28).

Monday at First Baptist Church (Crewe Road, GT) – follow signage to the room by the gym.
Led by a Elder from Elmslie United Church

Tuesday at St Albans Church of England (Shedden Road, GT)
Led by a Pastor from First Baptist Church

Wednesday at Cayman Islands Baptist Church (Pedro Castle Road, Savannah)
Led by a Pastor from Bodden Town Church of God

Thursday at Elmslie United Church on the Waterfront in GT
Led by a member from Cayman Islands Baptist Church